Parish Membership

Parish Membership:

Registering in a parish is more than "signing up". It is the acknowledgment of a mutual relationship that exists between us because we are brothers and sisters who share in the Gospel message. We are a family. We journey with each other through the good and bad times walk with each other in faith.

SS. Joseph, Kilian and Thomas the Apostle are stewardship parishes. We share our time, talent and treasure with the parish in proportion to what talents, gifts, and treasures God has given to us. Stewardship is more than money. We ask that you would be willing to help at our parish events. A parish member should be more than just "on the list". A participating, contributing member is expected to join their fellow parishioners in sharing responsibility for keeping the parish alive, liturgically, socially and financially. This is done through giving of time (prayer), talent (service) and treasure (sharing). Our parishes do not have "dues" or a "minimum requirement", but rely on the generosity of our members. We ask that financially a parish member give a percentage of their income (tithing) in order for the parish to continue to meet expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a registered parishioner, please contact the parish office.

Information to contact the office can be found on the Contact Us link.