Pastoral Councils

Parish Pastoral Council

The members of the council and the pastor assess the needs of the people of the parish. The council assists the pastor in developing parish policies and strategies to address those needs. The council along with the Pastor and Pastoral Associate work to do parish planning and to call forth people to use their gifts and talents in service of the parish. They formulate the mission statement, and establish parish goals and priorities. The Parish Council is consultative to the Pastor and makes recommendations to him with the final decision always resting with the Pastor.

St. Joseph Parish

Robert Du Bois (Trustee)
Debbie Mercier (Chair)
Debbie Delcore (Secretary)
Jeff DuBois
Brenda Basten
Karen Hucek
Sharon DePeau

St. Kilian Parish

Mark Verbeten (Trustee)
Mary Bins (Chair)
Kathy Anderson
Ken VanPay
Harlan Basten
Deb Coriveau

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

Mike Mleziva (Trustee)
Laura Kollross
Tim Glinski (Vice-Chair)
Brandon Spude (Secretary)
Alicia Buresh
Jim Michiels
Mike Donovan
Katie Waege
Matthew Livingstone
Jeff Waldvogel
Wendy Zabel