Finance Councils


Finance Councils

The universal law of the Church (Canon Law) requires each parish to have a Finance Council. The primary purpose of the council is to assist the Pastor and Business Manager in the administration of parish goods. These include finances and building & grounds and cemeteries. The finance council is responsible for soliciting funds, managing the parish budget and facilities. The Pastor appoints the Finance Council members with the council being consultative to the pastor. Final decisions always rest with the pastor.

St. Joseph Parish

Dean Abts (Trustee)
Tim Everard (Chair)
Jamie Davister
Jill Bernhardt
Scott Fameree
Jason Haen

St. Kilian Parish

Leon Heim (Trustee)
Tom Metzler
Lori Blackman
Gloriann Ciha (Chair/Secretery)
Mary Ripp

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

Nancy Metzler (Trustee)
Mona Buresh (chair)
Lori LeGrave
Zach Wavrunek
Roger DeGrave
Jeanne Graycarek
Betty VanPay
Dale Jandrain (Vice-Chair)