Hospitality Sunday and Breakfast Socials

The Social Committee of St. Joseph Champion Parish, puts on a hospitality Sunday.

All three parishes have a Breakfast Social once a month after their weekday mass. Everyone in the community is welcome to join us for good food and conversation.

Hospitality Sunday is usually after the 1st. 9:00 Sunday morning mass of every month in St. Joseph Parish Hall. Holy-days and events may cause this event to be cancelled. Watch our calender for the dates.

The Breakfast Social at St. Joseph Champion Parish is after the Friday 8:00 am mass, the second Friday of the month.

The Breakfast Social at St. Kilian Parish is after the Thursday 8:00 am mass, the third Thursday of the month.

The Breakfast Social at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is after the Wednesday 8:00 am mass, the first Wednesday of the month.