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Things That Need To Be On Your Landscape Maintenance Plan
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Things That Need To Be On Your Landscape Maintenance Plan

A landscape maintenance business ought to comprehend your perspective. Each property has specifics and peculiarities. Provide a history of your property. If you have any blueprints or old documents, include them.

In landscape upkeep, unpleasant surprises are never ideal. When a contractor or landscaper finishes working on your property, you shouldn’t think, “What in the world were they thinking? “Just like you, they have thoughts. You are in charge of creating a practical plan for managing and maintaining the landscape. For more information, you can consult a landscape maintenance company

Safety Standards and Codes

What guidelines do you have for mowing, the proportion of soil to the pavement, weeding, watering, fertilising, and the usage of native plant species? Include any property-specific community standards that you may have in your plans. So consult a better landscape maintenance company for your experience.

Water Use and Abuse

What irrigation techniques do you currently employ, and how do you intend to reduce water consumption and waste? How are water flows and leaks monitored? What are your plans for inspecting and maintaining the irrigation system? Think about water-saving elements like:

  • Rain-shutoff mechanisms
  • Stream sensors
  • Systems for automatic irrigation
  • Low-flow emitters, like as soaker and drip systems
  • Using evapotranspiration as a control method
  • Drought-tolerant or low-water-use plants
  • The control and recycling of stormwater
  • Composting and recycling

Management of Pests, Diseases, and Weeds

Replace weeds with groups of healthier plant species. In your plan, specifically describe the life cycles of weeds and pests. Make sure your landscaper keeps track of the controls used and the outcomes. Set your tolerance levels and prepare your course of action in advance because you should expect some damage from pests and weeds.

Goals for Sustainability

Your sustainable partner should be your landscape management company. Plant infections and other issues are frequently brought on by either overwatering or underwatering. How can a landscaper assist you in using every drop of water effectively? Set resolute sustainability objectives and monitor them regularly.